Family Office


As family office, UHNWI, successful business man or athlete, you are always looking to make life easy and from time to time, receive exclusive pre-prequalified opportunities, products and services.

We all unite this in 220dots, a private members’ club allowing you to access a whole portfolio of products & services (see below) and that respects in the smallest details your privacy. Nobody in the network will be able to contact you and the only thing you will receive comes from our backoffice depending on the preferences you configured. For example, if you indicated you are interested in buying an apartment in Monaco, Dubai or Miami…. you only receive things that fit.

If you decide to change your private jet, buy a hypercar… same thing. Just let us know and we’ll get back to you. No buzz, no spam, just straightforward deals!

Of course, you will receive our newsletters depending on your preferences.

You will have access to following 220dots services:

  • 220dots Invest: Exclusive and off-market investment opportunities in companies in different sectors: technology, industry, food, healthcare, education…
  • 220dots Real Estate: Outstanding Real Estate proposals, buildings, lands, compounds, towers…
  • 220dots Passions: hypercars, private jets, yachts, art…
  • 220dots Events: Family Offices, Sports (international competitions, polo, golf, sailing, rally, Formula 1…)…with bespoke packages including hospitality services
  • 220dots foundation: philanthropy & foundations projects
  • 220dots Insights with dedicated news on different sectors
  • La Selection 200dots: marketplace with 220dots merchandising products
  • Exclusive 220dots: marketplace with special conditions for 220dots members: jewellery, watches, caviar…
  • 220dots services: services for implementing representative office in Dubai (with staff, office and local invoicing service), financial analysis and due diligences with our Private Bank Growth Expert, Legal advises on M&A, international rights, trustees…
  • 220dots TV (digital channel) and digital studio with 220dots videos on 220dots selections
  • 220dots twinning’s: with other international private clubs