Individual & Corporate

Benefits to become an Individual & Corporate member

You have something special to offer to family offices, UHNWI… 220dots is the place to be as we know it is hard to get noticed.

You can be a designer, an artist, a lawyer, a nanny, a pilot, a captain, a car dealer, a broker… your member profile will be accessible by all our family offices, UHNWI and our backoffice, so they can contact you to buy your products or call you in to deliver your services.

We act globally so it can easily be a family from the other side of the world that call you in, and as member of 220dots, they know they can rely on you.

It is time to join 220DOTS to showcase your expertise and products!  

As member, you access to following 220dots services:

  • 220dots invest: pitch your investment projects
  • 220dots Real Estate: Outstanding Real Estate proposals, buildings, lands, compounds, towers…
  • 220dots Passions: hypercars, private jet, yachts, art and related services
  • 220dots Events: Family Offices, Sports (international competitions, polo, golf, sailing, rallye, Formula 1…)…with bespoke packages including hospitality services
  • 220dots foundation: philanthropy & foundations projects
  • 220dots Insights with dedicated news on different sectors
  • La Selection 200dots: marketplace with 220dots merchandising products
  • Exclusive 220dots: marketplace with special conditions for 220dots members: jewellery, watches, caviar…
  • 220dots services : a portfolio of services like implementing representative office in Dubai (with staff, office and local invoicing service), financial analysis and due diligences with our Private Bank Growth Expert, Legal advises on M&A, international rights, trustees… 220dots digital channel and digital studio with 220dots videos on 220dots selections
  • 220dots TV (digital channel): to be launched soon.
  • 220dots twinning’s: to be launched soon, partnerships with other international private clubs