This motorbike is available in limited edition, created and assembled on demand in France.

In order to discover more, you’ll have to come closer and watch carefully. Playing with blank and full spaces, this bike is hiding her assets and knows how to be desired. Through her shapes, subtleties are appearing. A bit of pattern or a fancy detail, like a feminine lace bellow a dress. Curves are elegant and continuous, drawing and connecting perfectly elements between them, and shades of materials are highlighting every parts designed exclusively for this bike.

Crafted for the BMW NineT, it is a showcase of manufacturing techniques. Each parts has been analysed and the right method defined for it. SLS 3D printed bodywork, light and dynamic, to structural aluminium 3D printed parts, like the handle bar, nothing was left to chance. The result came as attractive and exclusive; stimulating people’s curiosity.

Base Model : BMW NineT Pure

Engine : 1200cc

  • Handlebard : 3D printed in Aluminium, its internal structure is composed of a 3D lattice for optimum rigidity.
  • Dashboard : Composed in 4 parts. Bracket printed in polyamide, glass in polyuréthane, seal printed in RPU70 and spacers printed in PA11.
  • Headlight fairing : 3D printed in polyamide loaded with glass beads (PA3200GF).
  • Upper fork boots : 3D printed in Aluminium (AlSi10Mg).
  • Headlight trim : Composed in 4 parts. Trim 3D printed in polyamide and seal 3D printed in RPU70.
  • Front fender : Composed in 3 parts. Mounting brackets printed in polyamide loaded with carbon (PACF Cabron Fiber), fender printed in polyamide and stiffener 3D printed in Aluminium.
  • Air intake : 3D printed in polyamide.
  • Side fairing panel : with integrated LED turn signals. 3D printed in polyamide loaded with glass beads.
  • Saddle : Composed in 3 parts. Seat realized in bi-injection of silicone, under-seat printed in polyamide loaded with glass beads and side subframe 3D printed in Stainless steel (15-5 ph).
  • Tail fairing : With integrated LED tail light and turn signal. 3D printed in polyamide.
  • Undertail : 3D printed in polyamide. Integrated the bracket for electrical elements.
  • Exhaust : 3D printed in Inconel 718.