This motorbike is available in limited edition, created and assembled on demand in France.

This bike takes it’s inspiration from the “age d’or” of coach builders, using the same vision. Elegance, simplicity and pureness are guideline notions for the designers team. The result came to life : a Triumph 1200 Bobber dressed up with a deep piano black dress.

Objective was to get-off motorcycle’s standards, breaking up with codes, and go further than the crowd of builders. An interesting game appears with the opposition of the classical aspect at first sight, and the refinement of every parts in details. Straight cut of the rear fender, flat side of the new fuel tank or invisible front mudguard are few particularities of this bike. Pushing forward a bit and the double texturing smooth/blunt below the alloy 3D printed saddle structure and headlight ring will even blow your mind. After a step back, the real stance of the bike is revealed. All is tilted in the front, in order to find an aggressive attitude, as a beast barreling the roads.

Model: Triumph 1200 Bobber

Engine: 1200cc